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Being a one-woman show, it is important to start the process early. This will ensure a spot is secured for your special event. The custom design process usually takes about 3-5 months depending on the complexity of the order. Below I have some of the highlights for a typical order. 


Inquiry Form

Start by reaching out & filling out the inquiry form with a few details for your event. You can find this on the "Contact" page. This will help me organize the ideas you are looking for, dates, etc., before putting together a quote/pricing.



Once your inquiry form has been reviewed, a quote/estimate will be formulated in reflection of the quantity and pieces selected. At this point, we can build a package for you that will fit your budget, vision and style.


Portal and Proofing

This is where we get into the finer details and the butterflies start.

A client portal will be created, where you will have your own password and privacy to view your contract, invoices, forms, and proofs all in one place. At this point, a 50% deposit and signed contract will be required to save your date and package.

Communication during this part, among the others, is highly important for finalizing colours, papers, and any pieces. I'm all about the finer details. Any details such as guest addresses should also be organized here (a template will be sent). 

The best part is going through the proofings, where you will be able to see what the pieces and design look like, prior to any production. 

Edits, changes, etc are made on the portal, leading us to the final step.

Production and Assembly

Once the final proof is approved and signed, the production process will begin. The final portion of the payment will be due within 2 weeks of this step (or earlier, depending on the timeline). 

Depending on the complexity of the order, production can take 2-6 weeks (digital vs. letterpress, foiling, embossing, etc).
Shipping, delivery, or pickup can be organized during this step as well. 
If stamp & poste are requested, the invitations will be weighed, stamped, and brought to the post office.

This is now the time to party, as you have now gotten the ball rolling on having guests share your big moments! 

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